Ubisoft’s Support Sucks As Much As My Attempts At Posting Regular Articles

Yep. Despite my very first article boasting that I’ll be different from the majority of other bloggers and that I will publish content regularly, that promise to myself didn’t bare any fruit. Quite the contrary, after a couple of months I stopped blogging altogether without any legitimate reason, unless pure laziness can be used as a valid excuse now.

This is gonna be my 3rd attempt at posting regular blogs and thoughts to this website/blog/diary (or whatever else you wish to call it). However, this time I’m taking into account my laziness and the fact that I’m not willing to write articles during the week for obvious reasons.

This time I’ll promise to myself that I’ll write at least one article a month unless it’s a very slow month with nothing for me to vent about. I believe that this way I’ll actually have something to talk about that’s at least somewhat interesting for me to vent off into the world wide web. Of course as before, if any particular topic catches my attention, I’ll ramble about that as a little bonus.

I’ll cut off the update portion of the article here and move onto the thing that has bothered me for the past month now and has made me want to revive this blog.

Nearly a month ago (26th of November) I had a day of poor judgement and I’ve decided to purchase Farcry 3 from Ubisoft’s store (Uplay store) due to there being a franchise sale and I was able to get the game for a measly 8 EUR.

This was a big mistake, because apparently buying certain games directly from their store can result in a bug that they haven’t fixed until recently. The bug’s nature is/was that the game didn’t get assigned a serial number and you only gained access to the singleplayer and the achievement system present in the game/uplay client. Funnily enough this only affected games purchased directly from Ubisoft and NOT the games that were purchased from a 3rd party platform (e.g. Steam). Which effectively gives you same kind of experience as a pirated copy of the same game would give you, minus the pesky DRM (a better experience in my opinion).

In other words, for the past month I’ve been asking Ubisoft fix the issue so that I can finally unlock rewards, uplay actions as well as play multiplayer which according to my friend is still somewhat active (paraphrasing: “it’s still possible to get a game going”).

It has been really frustrating, since originally I demanded a refund and I was denied it with an half-assed apology;

Support Guy 2: “I’m sorry for your experience but I cannot offer you a refund. I’m sorry for the 2 hours but we are doing what we can to get you into your game.”

The 2 hours that he mentions is the rough estimate of the amount of time I’ve spent in the online support chat over the period of two days (~1 hours a day, probably more).

After that they’ve escalated the ticket to regional support which is supposedly better equipped to handle my nonexistent connection issues.

Support Guy 2: “As we are American support and you aren’t in America your regional support would be better suited to handle your issue.”

After two days (29th of November) the supposed regional support responded (there’s no way you can know if it’s truly regional support, since everything takes place on the same support site and ticket) and asked me to give them my game’s serial code. Which isn’t available to me, since I purchased the game directly from them – I explained that and provided a screenie proving that I can’t see the serial code anywhere on my account.

It took them over two weeks to respond again (13th of December). Since I’m growing more and more impatient, I tried to contact US support again, but I was dropped from the chat before I could even ask anything.

Support Guy 4: “I apologize for the inconvenience, but you have contacted the support team for a region other than your own. As such, I am going to forward you to the support team for your region. They have the tools necessary to assist you further in this matter. I have already transferred your case, and while we cannot estimate when you will receive a reply, I assure you they will reply as soon as possible.”

When the regional support responded again, they explained the bug I’ve mentioned above and asked me to check if I can access online features now. As you can already guess, I still can’t access any online features of the game.

I’m still waiting for their next response. It’s been over a week again and there’s no sign that I’ll be able to access the online features at all and considering that it’s soon gonna be a month since I bought the game, there’s no way Ubisoft will provide me with a refund.

To conclude this rant, all I’m gonna say is;

“Fuck Ubisoft!”

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