Ramble About Birthdays

I wanted to write about my thoughts on birthdays back in March when my mother was celebrating hers, but I decided against it. Mostly because I didn’t want to write about my rather pessimistic outlook on birthdays when someone who likes birthdays is celebrating theirs. Today is my birthday and thus I think I’m allowed to be a downer if I want to.

As a kid I adored parties, especially birthday parties. They were always fun, since there was food, drink, plenty of playmates and of course, the holy grail of birthdays – cake.

My outlook changed when I became a teenager and had several bad experiences on the day of my birthday. It scared me to the point of believing that my birthday is cursed. Of course I no longer believe that nonsense, but how can you blame a kid who believes it; when the majority of bad things that happened in his life usually happened on his birthday (e.g. death of a pet, falling unconscious, several very close calls in traffic etc.).

Now, I’m not a big fan of birthdays. Not because of all the bad things that just happened to take place on my birthday, but because in my belief there’s nothing to be celebrated. Heck, if people wouldn’t mention that my birthday is right around the corner, I’d just ignore it. These past years my birthdays are just a good excuse to get drunk, since my parents (who for some reason still think that I’m a little kid) won’t comment on it.

Another reason why I dislike birthdays is because of the fake smiles and greetings, especially now in the age of social media. Nowadays all greetings are non-personal and are sent as a courtesy, even by strangers. For example; today I logged on to Skype and first thing that greeted me was bunch of birthday greetings from people I haven’t spoken to in years.

Birthday greetings shouldn’t be a courtesy and should be reserved for family, friends and perhaps companies. Why companies you ask? Because despite everything, I still love free or discounted items that I’m interested in.

Anyway, happy birthday to me and everyone else who’s willingly or unwillingly celebrating their birthday today on 4th of May!