This is where you can see the projects that I’m currently involved with. There’s not much to showcase right now, but hopefully in the near future I will not be as lazy as I am in the present.

Sucky Industries

<image pending>

A closed network of broadcasters that share a single channel. We take turns streaming whenever we feel like it and whichever game we feel like playing at the time. Check us out!

irateANIME (on hiatus)

A blog dedicated to my hobby/obsession; anime and everything associated with it. Blog is mainly being maintained by me with some help from a couple of friends. Currently on hiatus, but hopefully will be revived in 2018.


Unknown Project

Something that my friend and I have going on in the background. Hopefully it’s gonna go somewhere and I’ll be able to share more details soon. Currently all I’m gonna say is that I’m returning to one of my past hobbies that I was relatively good at if I may say so myself.