Procrastination Is A Bitch

Even though I somewhat promised myself that I’ll post an article on this blog at least once a week, I didn’t get the time to do so. Also, I don’t think I need to mention that at the same time I procrastinated a bit due to my brother moving out and thus finally having the crib all to myself again.

Just like the title of the article states, I’ve been lazing around and procrastinating for the past two weeks. Apart from working at the office, I haven’t done anything that’s even remotely connected to work.

About a month ago I bought The Elder Scrolls Online so for the past month or so I’ve been pretty actively playing it, along with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I’ve also been playing Planetside 2 and Tabletop Simulator with my friend Josh. In general I’ve been passing the time that I should spend running irateANIME by playing various games, reading manga and trying to catch up on some anime.

Parents visited me on Friday and my father and I replaced the water heater, because the one in my apartment has been struggling for a quite some time now and we (my brother and I) weren’t able to afford a new one till now (I was jobless) – it was a bitch to lift and setup as well. We’ve also unclogged the cold water’s pipe so now I can shower without getting 3rd degree burns all over my body.

Water Cooler

The new “epic” water cooler.

Today I’ve decided to be more “productive” so I’ve skipped work and played some more Skyrim. After a quite lengthy session I decided that it’s time I actually do get off my ass and do some actual work. I wrote an article on irateANIME where I provide my thoughts on the transformation and form designs found in the two latest Dragon Ball Z movies. And right after that I’m writing this piece.

I sincerely hope that some interesting stuff happens this week, otherwise I’ll have to make something up just to get an article published here 😛