Green Tea Mochi Ain’t My Thing

Little known fact; I love to eat. The only thing that is preventing me from becoming a fat slob are genetics and my awesome metabolism (Is that part of the genetics?). Knowing that and the fact that I’m always up for tasting new food. Especially from countries which I’d love to visit (Japan being one of them), it’s no wonder that I’ve decided to order some mochi online when I came across a Slovenian site that sells Asian food and cooking utensils (Svilna Pot).

Reason why I didn’t just go looking for a mochi recipe is the simple fact that I’m not a good nor a confident cook, not to mention that I’m not a fan of cooking itself.

Pretty Mochi Packaging

Pretty packaging that is hiding the vile content inside.

Anyway, after a few months (yes, months) of hesitation, I’ve decided to order some green tea mochi to see how good it is, since my friend who’s currently living in Japan praised it. However, now thinking back, I regret my decision.

I don’t think I’ve experienced any food that was as vile as this industrial green tea mochi was.

First of all, it didn’t look even close to the image representation that was printed on the boxes. My first reaction when I opened the package was most likely disgust and fear, because it didn’t look good at all, heck, it didn’t look edible. However, despite that, I thought that I’ll at least try it considering that I spent money on it and you never know, looks can be deceiving.

In this case, they weren’t deceiving at all. I can’t even describe the taste properly, because it was as if I was eating something I shouldn’t have. The texture of the mochi itself was very chewy, which I liked, but it had no taste at all. Its green tea filling was the thing that ticked me off and actually made me wonder if the sweet that I’m eating was spoiled. The texture of the filling reminded me of old/dry honey and it tasted as old figs.

Vile Contents

Vile contents that were hiding inside the pretty box.

Luckily, my sister’s partner’s taste buds are rubbish so he enjoyed the mochi a lot more than we did (the rest of the family disliked it as well). I’ve decided to give him all of the boxes I bought, since otherwise it would end in the trash due to no one wanting to eat it.

After tasting this, I’ve vowed to not eat any Asian treat that’s not a bonbon, chips-type thing or weird enough to spark my curiosity to the point where I’m fine if I vomit after/while eating it. So basically, I didn’t learn a thing.