Finally Back To Living Alone

With tears (of joy) I’m saying goodbye to my roommate and brother that is moving out of our apartment. He’s going back to living with our parents in a faraway land known as “the boonies” where sun shines, everyone knows one another and the internet is so slow that it’s faster to just use a book to look up information.

All joking aside. My brother has decided to move back to our parents house due to stress that he’s accumulated due to my nagging and bitching. This of course means that I’ll be back to living on my own, just like I was during my 4th high school year. You can probably tell that I’m extremely happy with that, since I’ll finally be able to watch hentai anime in peace before bed without worries that he’s going to kick my ass for girls screaming talking too loud.

Once again, joking (not really) aside. I’m happy that I’ll finally get my personal space back. During these several years that we have been living together, we both lacked privacy and personal space due to the apartment being rather small. This of course resulted in a lot of harsh words and even physical violence (a punch to the arm/leg here and there). Luckily there aren’t any hard feelings on either side and we’re parting like two brothers should; Screaming insults at each other.

His move is a rather big change. It means that I’ll have to do all the cooking and house chores on my own with no one there to clean up my mess if I feel particularly lazy on a given day. It also means that I’ll have more privacy and be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want and with whoever I want (house apartment party!).

It might sound harsh, but I’m not going to miss him. Why? There won’t be anything to miss, it’s not like he’s moving to another country. There are a ton of ways I can contact him in case I need to hear or see my dear onii-chan♪.