Confirmation That EA Does Suck

Before I go and share my experience with the EA’s customer support I’d like to say that despite all the shit people gave EA, I was always defending them due to having great experiences with their games (including SimCity) as well as their customer support, until yesterday.

I have a tendency to go around my profiles every once in a while and remove outdated information or just update them (e.g. avatar, bio, links). Yesterday I decided that I’ll take a look at my Origin account (I had to update The Sims 4 as well) and I’ve noticed that I still have my old PSN ID linked to it with no way of unlinking it without contacting customer support (I googled to make sure of that). I had time and will so I’ve decided to indeed contact EA’s customer support.

After a couple of minutes of waiting I got connected to one of their representatives who I’ll call Mr. A to protect his secret identity from trolls who might want to nitpick his leet explanation skills. Anyway, I explained why I’m contacting them and asked if he can unlink my PSN ID from my Origin account due to the specific PSN ID not being used anymore. After a minute I got his response and this is what he had to say;

I would like to inform you that the PSN id or any gamertag linked to your Origin account used to be technically linked so their unlinking break your Origin account and the access to many games that’s why it is not possible to unlink it.

To explain. He was unable to unlink my PSN ID from my Origin account, because my account is old and back then they used a different way of linking PSN and Origin accounts together and unlinking the PSN ID from my account would cause my Origin account to break, taking all my games with it.

How the hell can something like that be possible and who thought that it was a good idea to connect PSN ID with an Origin account in a way that can never be reversed? Whoever it is, they deserve a medal for this amazing accomplishment, bravo! Supposedly and luckily this only applies to older Origin accounts, meaning that the majority of users shouldn’t be affected by this unless they’ve been using and supporting Origin since the early beginnings (e.g. myself).

Mr. A apologized for the screw-up and hooked me up with a discount coupon (15% off), but even that coupon turned to be a let down. Thinking that I got at least something out of this (despite my issue not being solved at all) I thanked him for the gesture and mentioned that I’ll definitely use it up to get myself the new The Sims 4 expansion that’s coming out later this month.

After a few moments he responded with;

I would like to inform you that the discount coupon can only be used for the base games. Are there any other questions or concerns that I might be able to address for you while I’m with you?

I was dumbfounded. I would’ve understood if I couldn’t use the discount coupon on the pre-orders, The Sims 4 or its expansions. However, I didn’t expect it to be limited solely on base games. Especially if we consider that EA thrives on expansions and DLC, it simply doesn’t make sense to limit it to base games. Not to mention that only base games that I don’t own are older games or games that I’m not interested in owning, meaning that the coupon is worthless.

EA really has to get their shit together or they will not be able to escape from the huge hole they’ve been digging themselves for the past few years. They should really take a look at GOG’s support which might not be as quick, but it gets shit done and the possible discount coupons that you receive from them aren’t limited to a couple of games.