Busiest Time Of My Life

It’s been exactly one month since my last article and I’m somewhat ashamed that I wasn’t able to keep promise to myself that I’ll try to write an article at least once every week. However, I guess I have to excuse myself, since I’ve actually been a good boy and kept myself busy enough to not get enough time to write articles for any of my blogs.

What’s been happening the past month outside of work hours? My brother moved out two months ago, so I’ve finally started to rearrange things the way I want them as well as doing some spring cleaning with a lot of help from my sister and her family (boyfriend and two nieces), because now it’s certain that he’s not coming back.

I’m not much of a gardener so we’ve decided (my sister and I) to grow grass in place where we used to have a small vegetable garden. We’ve also pimped out the area next to the garden where we keep trash, some long-term plants and a tree with some dry lumber.

Covered Grass

Area where we planted grass instead of vegetables.

Dry Lumber

Dry lumber covering around the plants to make the area more presentable and overall sexier.

We’ve also cleaned up the entire apartment few days ago so now my apartment and its surrounding area are nice and clean. There’s still a lot of junk that my stupid dad was safekeeping, just in case he’d ever need it again (newsflash, he never did); old wood, broken nails and other junk like that.

I’ve also discussed some living room arrangements and decoration with a friend of mine. The remodeling will be taking place sometime next year when I should have some extra money and should therefore be able to afford some new furniture and electronics in order to turn the current living room into more of a media room.

Apart from spring cleaning and discussing the future of the apartment, I’ve also been working some extra hours do to my sister’s medical examinations and other stuff – it’s a busy time for both of us.

I’ve tried to keep up with anime for irateANIME’s sake, but unfortunately I have to neglect it for a little while longer. It pains me, especially, since I’m still paying my friend for maintaining my social media, but it’s a must in order to at least attempt to show that the site is not going away.

Anyway. I should be able to go back to my previous schedule in mid July or early August when work won’t be as plentiful and I’ll actually be able to post from work.

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