About Me


I apologize for possible confusion while reading this. Some events were happening at the same time as the others and I did my best to explain them in a somewhat readable manner.
I was born in 1991 in Slovenia and I have been living in Slovenia my whole life with hopes that one day I’ll leave it behind. My childhood was decent, thanks to my mother who (for the most part) protected me from my drunk of a father. I have two older siblings, a brother and a sister who both experienced my father’s drunken shenanigans to a higher degree. You could say that I was somewhat lucky that I was born into the family last, since by then my father was in his late 40’s and therefore a bit less of a pain to deal with.

I was quite successful during my grade school years, never been bullied and I had a lot of friends. Everything changed during the 7th grade where I was diagnosed with ASD and I underwent a successful heart surgery. I lost a lot of “friends”, but I wasn’t bothered since the majority of them showed their true colors. Later of the same school year I experienced severe back pain and I underwent another surgery shortly after the cause of the pain was discovered by the doctors. Due to the operations I had to redo the 8th grade (I still have no clue how I’ve managed to finish 7th grade) which I successfully finished despite some hiccups in biology and chemistry. This pretty much ends my childhood, since by the time I entered high school I was turning 18, meaning that I was officially an adult.

Due to the operation on my back, I had to quit all sports and other activities and that was when I was first introduced to web development. This was also the time I started high school where I meet the majority of the people I currently interact with outside the online realm. For the 5 years that I attended high school, I was also actively freelancing as a web designer, attempting to make my passion into a proper job. I’ve successfully finished the 3-year program at the high school that I was attending and for the remaining couple of years I was struggling to finish the additional 2-year program, but was unable to. After two failed attempts I’ve decided to quit school for good without any ounce of regret.

When I quit school, I immediately started to job hunt (while being on social service support). I was unwilling to work at the family accounting business due to my dream of being a web designer as well as due to the dullness of the work. After a good 3 years of being a pain for the government (social support) and inability to find a job, I decided to quit designing, swallow my pride and ask my parents to work at the family business. I quit designing due to several charge-back incidents with clients since they started to happen too often to be profitable.

I started working in February of 2015 and I’m now working towards my new goal; being fully independent and move out of the country as soon as humanly possible.